Taylor & Francis APCs for Open Access Journals

No or discounted Article Processing Charges for authors when publishing in a Taylor & Francis open access journal

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Applied Sciences, Business & Management, Earth Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences, Physical Sciences & Mathematics, Social Sciences
31 Dec 2020

Taylor & Francis guarantees no - or heavily reduced - Article Processing Charges (APCs) for authors from EIFL partner countries when they publish in a Taylor & Francis Open Access (OA) journal.

The offer applies when publishing in one of over 170 Taylor & Francis OA or Cogent OA journals (see the links to the journal lists below). This number will grow - newly-launched or converted fully OA journals will automatically be included in the agreement.

Authors should submit their papers to the individual journals. During the online submission they should select ‘I have another waiver to request or a discount code’ and enter the code ‘EIFL’. (Please make sure you do this when you first submit an article, because the system will not give you this option if you are resubmitting a revision.) Once their paper has been accepted for publication, the waiver or discount on the APC will be applied. Authors use their institutional email address in correspondence with the journal, and confirm the main institution they are affiliated with for authentication.

Anthropology and archaeology, behavioural science, business, management and economics, chemistry, criminology and law, education, engineering, computing and technology, environment and agriculture, geography, planning, urban and environment, mathematics and statistics, media, cultural and communication studies, physics, politics, international relations and area studies, public health and social care, sociology, sport, leisure and tourism and strategic, defence and security studies.